Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sə-ˈpȯrt\ 2 a (1) : to promote the interests or cause of (2) : to uphold or defend as valid or right

Not sure if it is the same in all industries but fashion seems to be one that is built on support. My first internship at Calvin Klein came at the suggestion of my father’s friend; my internship with Fashion Group International came about from the recommendation of a professor at Parsons. The interest and encouragement of peers and mentors has always been a huge part of becoming designer almost dependant on this support.

With Dallin Chase the support the last four years has been tremendous. Editors and retailers have taken time to see me along the way, some who knew me well before I began Dallin Chase others who saw something in the collection the first season out.  Fabric suppliers and local factories that worked with me on creating Dallin Chase and helped me push concepts to fruition. The truth is once a sketch leaves the sketchpad the amount of people that are involved
in getting it to the end customer is innumerable.

We presented our Fall 2011 collection. Many of the guests were familiar ones, others new to Dallin Chase, most of them part of the process that makes this industry so wonderful. New York Fashion week starts tomorrow so as you sit back and enjoy your favorite collection on take a second to remember all the amazing, talented and devoted “fashion people” behind the logo at the end of the runway.


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